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InsightComedy Show – Women’s Journey

September 25, 2022 @ 3:00 pm

Theater in Spanish Piece: Feminine Travesia.
Genre: Comedy-Drama
Written and Acted by Mirna Gonzalez
Executive Production: Jaime Gudiño
Technical Production: Laura Rodríguez
Duration: 75 minutes
It is an unprecedented way of doing comedy, creating characters that capture the attention of the audience, using situations from everyday life and anecdotes that awaken deep truths in human consciousness, through personal development techniques and lots of humor.

Topic: The most important stages in a woman’s life, from her childhood to the wisest adult.

Objective: Show the public the changes that take place in the life of a woman from a very young age, through adolescence, until reaching maturity. Reflect your most human, sensitive, professional, and inclusive side, in an unprecedented form of a revealing theatrical piece, but also with a lot of grace and humor. Mirna Gonzalez uses the resource of comedy and the characterization of characters created by her, in order to reach deeper into the human being, motivating the reflection of the daily life of our lives, of the simplest details that most of the time. we overlook.

Feminine Journey is a journey of empowerment to the female gender. Theatrical piece that shows the different transformations a woman goes through from a very young age until she reaches maturity. Each of these stages is an encounter between her beliefs, experiences and realities, moments that are intertwined in the course of her life, where every woman in the theater will see herself reflected. Some of them very tender and sweet. Others are very hard and unpredictable, but always with a touch of Latin humor, with that spontaneous and fun way of narrating interactively with her audience that only Mirna Gonzalez has.

Valentina is going through a profound transformation as a human being after the pandemic, migration, detachment, distance. In this work he amplifies his gaze to also include and honor the male gender. Recognize their value and importance in interpersonal relationships, inviting them to share their own stories and anecdotes. Each person lives a different life journey. Men also have stories to tell, experiences and mischief to share.


September 25, 2022
3:00 pm
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Florida Atlantic University
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